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Draplin Design Co., North America

(Photo by Leigh McKolay of the Coastal Michigan Fan Club!)

Product Description:
Some of the greatest memories from my childhood involve climbing and running down those Sleeping Bear Dunes on that beautiful Lake Michigan shore. Of little kids hurtling down those dunes, bailing and coming up for air with nostrils, mouths and ears full of sand. Sandy tears. Good, clean fun. Or hell, that one time, on "Senior Skip Day, Class of '91," when I went with a group of buddies and climbed that first dune and we "kept going" all the way to Lake Michigan. Hot as hell, near death, we barely made it, only to take a tired, hot look at the big water and had to walk all the way back. Never again. Death march bullshit.

Anyhoo, we made a little mini print as a tribute to one of the world's most beautiful places, those Sleeping Bear Dunes. Get one before they are gone!

Product Details:
01. Printed on thick, durable, bright, white 100# cover stock.
02. Four colors! Inspired by our home state of Michigan!
03. 7" x 9.375" in dimension.
04. Proudly printed by the dunelurkers over at Seizure Palace!
05. Insanely limited edition!
06. Sand in the crack!
07. Shipped in a durable kraft StayFlat envelope.
Ordering Details:
$14.99 - Shipping Included!!! (U.S.A.)
The Fine Print:
For customers using PayPal, click the link above they'll take it from there. For customers who aren't using PayPal, send us an email to "orders(at)draplin.com" and we'll get back to you with an address to ship the funds to. We accept money orders and cold hard cash, so, get with it, man! All orders are shipped out as fast as we can. Usually a couple days after the order comes in. We ship everything USPS "First Class" rates. If you want quicker shipping, contact us and we can ramp it up to USPS Priority, or whatever you need. We aim to please!
International Orders:
We cover the shipping in the states, but charge the basics for international orders. Before you place the order through our PayPal account, send us an email to "orders(at)draplin.com" and we'll get you a shipping quote for the goods you are interested in. As simple as that! Thanks!

©2015 DDC Dry Goods Div., Merch Dept., Portland, Ore.

November 10, 2015
DDC Pop-Up Shop Pops Up Again!
Posted at 07:19 AM




WE'RE BACK: Another DDC Pop-Up Shop! Starting today! Alongside friends Folk and StubbornStiles! Get over there. Opening today, and going all the way until Dec. 24th! All sorts of new stuff, with new stuff dropping each week up until Christmas Eve! Come on in!

October 26, 2015
DDC on WTF!!!
Posted at 10:26 AM


THINGS THAT ARE HAPPENING, THAT AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPENING: I'm on Marc Maron's "What The Fuck" podcast today. Reread that. I'm just sort of blown away and don't know what to say. So please go give it a listen, and then stay tuned for a a full breakdown here on the site. I need to give it a good listen, and then I'll react. And share the whole breakdown on here.

So cool. Somehow, through all this wildness, I got myself on WTF? My favorite podcast. I don't even know what to say. I'm just gonna listen, try to wrap my head around it, and freak out a bit. Here goes...

CLICK HERE, YOU ANIMALS: Marc Maron's "What The Fuck" podcast: Episode 649 - Aaron Draplin

- - - -

The poster I got to make for Marc this summer!


NOW SHIPPING, MICHIGANDERS: The DDC "Michigan Thick Line Souvenir Patch!" Act now! Band of the hand!

August 26, 2015
Dreams About Snakes
Posted at 03:33 PM


WEIRD DREAMS: I rarely can remember my dreams. Leigh remembers all of hers. Pretty sure she said something about "dreaming about snakes." I dream about being behind on projects, and dumb shit like that.

August 25, 2015
Hooked On "The Nightfly"
Posted at 08:06 PM


HOOKED ON THIS RECORD: I've never heard this Donald Fagen record. A big fan of Steely Dan, it's like I stumbled on more of the stuff. Weird.

August 24, 2015
Tearing Into The Week
Posted at 08:11 AM


THANK YOU, BRIAN RIPP: He sent this tiger in. Pretty ferocious!



August 22, 2015
Thanks, Ireland! Bye!
Posted at 10:27 AM


GOODBYE, IRELAND: That was a fast, fun one! Thank you, Hybrid Conference!

August 21, 2015
Today, Dublin!
Posted at 04:07 PM


TELLING OUR STORY TODAY: Doing the whole talk in Gaelic!


TOOK A COUPLE BIG BIRDS OVER: In Dublin, lurking aorund like a zombie. Sore ass from those flights. Keeping a lazy eye out for Shane Macgowan.


FINALLY GOT TO SEE IT UP CLOSE: My buddy John Gall—of who I am working on the biggest thing in my life with but can't say anything just yet—sent me a couple issue of the New York TImes I was in last week. Surreal! Thanks, Steven Kurutz for giving me a shot and Leah Nash for taking the shots! Surreal!

August 18, 2015
Late Summer Listening List
Posted at 01:09 PM


01. Jimi Henrix Experience - Are You Experienced?
02. Jimi Henrix Experience - Axis: Bold As Love
03. Jimi Henrix Experience - Electric Ladyland
04. MIdnight Oil - Blue Sky Mining
05. MIdnight Oil - Diesel And Dust
06. Jason Isbell - Something More Than Free
07. Josh Rouse - The Embers Of Time
08. Heatmister - Mic City Sons
09. Wilco - Star Wars
10. Tame Impala - Currents
11. Exodus - Bonded By Blood
12. Grateful Dead - Workingman's Dead (Weird Dead kick!)
12. Grateful Dead - Wake of the Flood
12. Grateful Dead - Terrapin Station
12. Grateful Dead - Aoxomoxoa
12. Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street
12. Grateful Dead - From The Mars Hotel
12. Grateful Dead - Go To Heaven
13. Donald Fagen - The Nighfly
14. Sun Kil Moon - Universal Themes
15. Mike Watt - Contemplating The Engine Room
16. High On Fire - Luminiferous
17. Elliot Smith - Roman Candle
18. Jawbreaker - 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
19. Beach Boys - Holland
20. Shellac - Dude Incredible
21. Death - N.E.W.
22. Jim O'Rourke - Simple Songs (Album of the summer!)
23. Melvins - Bullhead
24. Built To Spill - Untethered Moon
25. Lanterna - Backyards
26. Sonics - This Is The Sonics
27. Calexico - Edge of the Sun
28. John Moreland - High On Tulsa Heat
29. Modest Mouse - Strangers To Ourselves
30. George Winston - Breezin'
31. Swervedriver - I Wasn't Born To Lose You
32. Torche - Restarter
33. Bob Weir - Ace
34. Faces - Ooh La La
35. Bob Mould - Silver Age
36. Bob Mould - Beauty & Ruin
37. Bob Mould - Workbook
38. Bob Mould - Dog & Pony Show
39. Cows - Sexy Pee Story
40. Led Zeppelin - IV

August 17, 2015
Summer Shop Buddies
Posted at 09:37 PM


SUMMER IS CHUGGING RIGHT ALONG: And Cory and I are getting to be good buds. Here we are, checking our Facebooks and shit. Big fun.

August 16, 2015
Hustwit Has The Eye
Posted at 12:22 PM


GARY'S GOT THE EYE: Our buddy Gary Hustwit found this INCREDIBLE life preserver earlier today, lurking on some Canadian ferry. And sent it to us. Thanks, buddy. Good eye!


IT'S SUMMER AND I'M IN HERE CHAINED TO THE DESK: We've got a couple big projects going right now, and are feeling a little down in the dumps. Long hours in here. This shot of Dad helped, from our infamous 2005 fall portraits. Come back, Dad.


ONE OF MY FAVORITES: That piece of "Hendrix" type. So good. Perfect for the guy.


PINK AND ORANGE: So good, man. Where'd we go wrong?


BEEN LISTENING TO A TON OF JIMI HENDRIX: Oozing with talent, style and sexuality. A complete free spirit.

August 11, 2015
Going On A Jimi Hendrix Kick
Posted at 06:14 PM


WHAT AN INCREDIBLE HUMAN BEING: Always blown away by Jimi Hendrix. A true American original.

August 10, 2015
Hot For A Wire Gauge
Posted at 06:13 PM


WE NEED ONE OF THESE FOR THE SHOP: And we will find one out there, somewhere. All hot for our own wire gauge. That's where our mind is at today. Weird, right? Yep.

August 09, 2015
Lake Michigan Leigh Leigh
Posted at 06:13 PM


LEIGH'S HAD A HELL OF A SUMMER: I asked Leigh to send me her favorite photos from the summer. That's what you are seeing up above. Lake Michigan Leigh Leigh. I was busy trying to sell coin purses to koalas.

August 08, 2015
Death Loaf
Posted at 06:13 PM


ONE LAST ONE FROM CORY LOVEN: "Death Loaf" is what we're calling this one. He might have a better name, and we apologize for freestyling with it. Pretty damn cool.


FOUR LEAF CORY LOVEN: We need luck about now. We'll take it. Cory made it all week without incident, brawl or tears, here at the DDC. So, yeah, that's good.

August 06, 2015
E.O.D. At The D.D.C.
Posted at 06:13 PM


AW, SCREW IT: Let's just go and make it "Cory Loven Week" at the DDC. Check out the t-shirt above. EOD, man. Cory's got a killer sense of humor. Laugh it up!

August 05, 2015
Gorging On Lucky Charms
Posted at 06:13 PM


MORE CORY LOVEN FOR YA: Check out those Lucky Charms. He worked on this image back in Minneapolis, for General Mills. Pretty cool. Makes me hungry for some puffed sugar things.


AUGUST IS GOING TO BE NUTS: So we brought in the big guns! Let us introduce you to Cory Loven of Minneapolis! He's out here for a month, doing a "whatever it takes to get things done" design assistant sort of deal. All month long. Cory, around the clock.

Check out the killer 'Mats poster he made. Good form, man, good form!

August 03, 2015
Made it Back From Oz!
Posted at 09:05 PM


THAT WAS A COUPLE OF LONG-ASS FLIGHT: And mentioning "ass," let me tell you, my ass is sore as hell. That flight back? "Only" 13 hours, but, my rump took a thrashing. Still sore. Glad to be home, and thankful for such a cool opportunity and adventure.

August 02, 2015
Koala, Kangaroos and Wombats!!!
Posted at 03:10 PM


PETER TOOK ME TO THE ZOO: And we got to see all the stuff! So cool. Koalas! Kangaroos! Some weird bird and a sleeping Tasmanian Devil. Wow!

Special thanks to Peter Moses and the JMC Academy for bringing me down here! Heading home tomorrow morning! Had a helluva time.

August 01, 2015
Tonight, Sydney!
Posted at 11:07 PM


SYDNEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT: A great show to round out this tour! Thanks for coming out, and thanks for DESTROYING my merch table. Heaps of appreciation!